Why we use Amber Glass Bottles for our CBD Oil

Amber glass CBD Bottle

Bottles used for storing cannabis essential oil or CBD oil comes in a variety of colors. The most common ones, however, are amber, clear, cobalt blue, and green.

For pure CBD oil, or 100% cannabis essential oil, clear bottles are a big no-no. Here’s why you should never use clear containers for your oils.

How light affects your CBD oil or cannabis essential oil

When it comes to oils coming from plants like cannabis, you will want to focus on ultraviolet light. It is because of UV lights that you need to wear sunscreen or else you get sunburn or worse, skin cancer. The UV rays can destroy skin cells, and it can ruin your oils in pretty much the same way as it can break down essential oils.

In short, light can break down the compounds of the oil you store in clear bottles, making them less effective. Ultraviolet light also has a wavelength of 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers. The light you see has wavelengths of more than 400 nanometers.

As such, clear bottles do not protect your essential oils. The oils inside clear containers will oxidize and make it less effective. You will need more of it to get the same benefits when you store oils in dark glasses.

Lighter colored glass bottles can still be used if your CBD oil or cannabis essential oil is going to be stored in dark places, away from light. You can also choose to have a wraparound label that will completely cover the clear bottle, effectively shutting out all light.

Amber VS Clear Glass Bottles

Using other colored bottles

If clear glass is out of the question, then you can choose from green, cobalt blue, or amber. It is mostly a matter of preference, but if you want your CBD oil or marijuana essential oil to have a “therapeutic” or “medicinal” image, you might want to use amber bottles. Drugs and medicine have traditionally used amber bottles for storage, and that image might carry over to your cannabis-derived oils.

Of course, choose according to your branding. If you use blue for your logo, you might as well use cobalt blue bottles. Or if you are gunning for “green therapies”, then green bottles might be a better fit. There are also bottles in different colors such as violet, black, pink, and orange, among others. Be sure to choose something opaque and dark for your CBD-derived oils.

Say no to plastic bottles

You should not use plastic bottles to put your cannabis essential oil or CBD oil in. The compounds found in these bottles will break down the plastic over time. Your oils will effectively eat at the plastic and ruin your CBD, or marijuana essential oil.

Knowing how to store your oils and what color your bottles should be is a great first step in offering your customers excellent products. CBD oil or marijuana essential oil can be very expensive so most people try to save it for a very long time. Dark colored bottles can help!

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