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30% CBD Oil NaturaS OrganicS

I have had a holiday home in Spain for 15 years and when visiting recently, I realised that i had forgotten my CBD oil which I take for tennis elbow and tendonitis in my right arm and hand.

I had been using a Holland and Barrett 5% CBD oil which to be honest didn’t work very well but I thought I would persevere with as it was better and more natural way to alleviate the pain than taking painkillers.
I found a Holland and Barrett store in the habaneros shopping center in Torrevieja, however they were out of stock of it and didn’t know when it would be replenished.

I did a quick search for CBD on the internet and found this website and their Facebook page and I am glad I did! They had a better range of CBD oils ranging in price from €25 for the 5% CBD oil (€10 cheaper) than Holland and Barrett up to €90 for their 50% CBD oil… I bought the 15% CBD oil which was €45 but 3 x the strength of Holland and Barrett’s and is working a treat, I also bought some 3% Universal CBD salve to rub into my elbow, and I have to say that it works fantastic using both products to treat my condition.
Being in the building trade for 43 years I have another 3 years to go to reach retirement and now I can control the pain at a cost of less than £2 per day.

I will be using Naturas CBD every day from now on as they post all over Europe.

Thank you, I am happy I found you and will be recommending Naturas CBD oil and CBD salve to all my old work mates who are suffering at work with various ailments.

Jason Carter

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