Could Naturas Organics Universal CBD Salve Help Alopecia Sufferers?

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A Naturas Organics CBD agent on the Costa Blanca in Spain called us about some customer feedback she had received regarding one of our products… Namely our CBD Infused Universal Salve

NaturaS OrganicS Universal Hemp Salve

Elizabeth has worked on her CBD stall at the Zoco Sunday market selling our range of products for over a year now and people travel for miles from all over the Costa Blanca to buy our products on a regular basis and Elizabeth has built up a good rapport with her regular customers.


Elizabeth’s CBD Stall isle 7 if you’re passing


What was the Great News she had for us?


A lady in her 70’s who was completely bald from Androgenetic alopecia had tried rubbing our Universal CBD Infused Salve on her head and within a couple of weeks, her hair had started coming back in!


She called our agent and was in tears but they were tears of joy… and she was actually over the moon! She said that she had suffered from alopecia for over 3 years and had tried numerous treatments to no avail… And she hated wearing wigs in the searing heat on the Costa Blanca which often reach 30 – 35c during July, August and September…


After a week or so she started to notice that her hair was starting to grow back, although wispy it was hair… Hair she hadn’t had for over 3 years…

However due to the Covid outbreak Elizabeth’s Sunday market stall was closed, however Elizabeth offered to drive over from Quesada 30 miles away to deliver her salve…  


Elizabeth asked the lady if she could take some photos so we may publish on our website and she has agreed to do so as soon as her hair has a bit of volume! And we can’t wait to show the results on this blog next month…


We don’t know for a fact if our Universal Salve helped the lady at all or if her hair just decided to grow back on its own accord? However can you imagine if our salve has helped her hair regrowth and maybe it could actually work… 


That would be fantastic news for anyone suffering from alopecia and we as a company may have an award winning product on our hands…


The Naturas Organics Universal Salve, contains only 100% natural, organic ingredients and is suitable for Vegans.


What is the salve made from you may ask… Our Naturas Organics Universal CBD Infused Salve is a blend of 100% organic hemp oil, blended with olive oil and beeswax and natural essential oils and a small amount of broad spectrum CBD oil and that’s it!


Our Salve is used more commonly as a muscle rub for pain or sports injuries and it is especially good so we are told, for helping with tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and arthritis pains…  


What is the point of this blog post?


To put it simply it is to find out if the claims made by the lady maybe true and have some substance, as if so and it may help with hair growth we want to know? Wouldn’t you?  Did you know that Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss, affecting more than 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States. Commonly known as male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss, androgenetic alopecia is hereditary but can be managed with medication or surgery…


We are not making any claims at all, that our salve has helped with the ladies hair growth… but she seems to think it’s the only thing that’s helped to date. It would be great  if we could get some more feedback on this product… so we are offering FREE samples of our CBD Infused Salve.


The Free Sample will be 5ml pot… to receive this free sample please visit the Naturas Website and register your email address and we will send out first class signed for registered post anywhere in Europe… Once inside the website follow the link shown below and enter code FS5ML at the checkout…


NaturaS OrganicS Universal Hemp Salve




You don’t have to be bald to receive our free sample, you may want to try it to treat muscle injuries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, arthritis, psoriasis and dermatitis or any other skin complaint. 


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Thanks for taking the time to read this

Team Naturas


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Disclaimer… We are not allowed by law to say that any of our products can treat or cure any ailments whatsoever and we would recommend that you put a small test patch on for 24 hours prior to using it.










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