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Hemp: The Natural Response To Plastic Pollution

everything plastic can be made from hemp

The current rate of plastic production is about one billion tons in three years. That is what a 2016 article in ScienceDaily says, quoting a University of Leicester study. Plastic is inert and hard to degrade. So it becomes a toxic techno-waste that has severe polluting effects on the earth’s biodiversity. National Geographic reports that […]

Inside the Legal Cannabis Oil Laboratory in Stockport

Legal Cannabis Oil Laboratory in Stockport

One Greater Manchester business, which produces its own range of CBD oils, is on a mission to educate consumers – and is calling for more regulation in the saturated market. It’s a drug that people claim can treat everything from cancer to depression and anxiety. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil – a legal and naturally-occurring compound found […]


CBD For Children

Today we’re looking at CBD For Children. CBD is a cannabinoid which, of late, has been circling the world at the speed of light. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it has an unique, natural and beneficial ability to assimilate itself into our bodies. When the body accepts CBD into its own […]