Become A NaturaS CBD Re-seller
Work For Yourself & Be Your Own Boss.

3 Entry Levels, Made Simple.



CBD Re-seller Level 1

Stock Holder Entry Level
Start up cost: £600/€600

Stock holder only entry level spend £600.00 with us and we supply you with £1000.00 worth of CBD:

8 x 3% pet CBD
8 x 5% CBD
8 x 10% CBD
8 x 15% CBD

(80% Profits)






CBD Re-seller Level 2

Events & Market Trader Agents
Start up cost: £1000/€1000

Events & Market Trader agents, spend £1000.00 with us and we will supply you with a POS stand and banner that can be erected in less than 5 minutes, in a carry case and £2000/€2000 worth of CBD:

16 x 3% pet CBD
16 x 5% CBD
16 x 10% CBD
16 x 15% CBD

(100% Profits and free POS)




CBD Re-seller Level 3

Professional Full Time Business
Start up cost: £2500/€2500

Professional Full Time Business, spend £2500.00 we will supply you with £5000.00 worth of CBD:

40 x 3% pet CBD
40 x 5% CBD
40 x 10% CBD
40 x 15% CBD.

A professional e-commerce website where you can set your own prices, and the events/market stall POS and banner.

(100% profits on the CBD & a free fully functioning e-commerce website worth £800.00 in value)




Become An Agent

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I couldn’t get a job in Spain that paid more than 5 euros per hour, and i dont speak Spanish, I have worked front of house in high class hotels in the UK and enjoy meeting people.

When a friend mentioned Naturas Organics to me I went and met them, and they couldn’t be nicer people, They explained their products and how they work. and showed me how to sell them.

I started selling online but it was slow to begin with and I did OK but I didn’t make as much as i needed. I then decided to take the market stall POS and the €2,000.00 of stock. This cost me €1,000.00 euros and i was in profit after 2 days on the markets.

I love it, I meet different peple every day and am starting to get repeat customers. ~ Jane Susan