Here at NaturaS OrganicS we strive to bring you the best quality Cannabidiol CBD products Worldwide.


We are continuously Improving our products and are always expanding our range.
Fully Supported By Laboratory Reports!


All of our Hemp & CBD Products are 100% Natural & Organic and strive to to keep things green!


NaturaS Organics blend of CBD oil is blended from Cannabis Sativa oil and CBD oil. The oils are sold on a % BV (by volume) of CBD contained in the bottle mixed with the Sativa oil.


5% = 95% Hemp Sativa 5% CBD

10% = 90% Hemp Sativa 10% CBD

15% = 85% Hemp Sativa 15% CBD

30% = 70% Hemp Sativa 30% CBD

50% = 50% Hemp Sativa 50% CBD